Charitable Gift Annuity Programs


Insured CGA Programs

When you choose AFR  Financial Group for your insured CGA program, you are choosing an organization of independent insurance professionals committed to providing you with the highest quality of products and services available in the marketplace.  


By utilizing insured programs it allows charities the opportunity to:

  • Reinsure their current "self-insured" gift annuity payout obligations thereby freeing up potential "remainder" for immediate use.

  •  Can be added as an option to an existing "self-insured" program on a donor selected basis, ie; agent field underwriting. By blending the two programs, the goal is to maximize the cash-flow to the charity.

  • Can eliminate the cash-flow lagtime associated with a start-up self-insured program  by making the "remainder" immediately available for the charities use.

  • Can help reduce administrative costs and other requirements of self-insured gift annuity programs.

Note: If you are not registered with the State authorities or can not meet their financial requirements, ask us about our CGA gifting alternative approach.